Mariah Carey sleeps with 20 humidifiers running — 20!


I’ve been thinking a lot about the odd, slightly-paranoid quirks that I notice in voice users (and sometimes myself).

Insisting that you need a certain amount of water, humidity, pineapple, whathaveyou in order to have a voice that functions is a bit silly but it comes from a pretty authentic place.  We want it to work.  And, if we don’t take care of the body then dysfunction or illness can affect the voice.   The human organism requires care.  Still, the voice does not truly exist in isolation so treating it separately from the body will have limited if any, success.

Worst still, if you treat the voice as the other, as separate and apart, then you may not only neglect the body.  You may, in fact, decide that the voice is too difficult to care for and let it go.  This is sadly something I see all too often.  So let’s get some facts on the table.

The human body requires water, nutritious food, use (movement), and sleep.  It is further becoming clear that purpose and other mental tasks are required for wellness.  If you address the body, you have already cared for the voice.  Ta-Da!

Does a little extra humidity or hydration help the voice?  Sure, but if the body is dehydrated that humidifier is not going to save you.  Ditto for the lozenges, pineapples, etc.

So what does the voice need?  It needs to function properly.  Good vocal function is the ability of the vocal cords to access and process air efficiently, to use the spaces of the vocal tract, sometimes while utilizing the bones of the skull as amplifiers or conductors.  It needs to for the mind to create an intention, the body to be in alignment, for the muscles of respiration, balance, and posture to be active, and for the remaining muscle groups to be mostly passive.  Which seems like a lot only because we have mostly forgotten how to just do these things.  We did them all as small children.

Which also means that good vocal function is not only attainable, it is your birthright.  I am not talking about the ability to sing like Maria Callas, or even Frank Sinatra, but the ability to communicate in speech or song with a balanced voice that is authentically yours.  It is a simple thing, but one that too many people believe is out of their reach.

My question for you is why not try the ledge for a bit.  As it turns out, you may just be able to fly.